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To all youth past and present, this website is for you.
If your likeness or your work appear on this website and you wish to have it removed.
It will be taken down immediately.
Please email cford@fsgv.ca with any questions or concerns.

About Us

Another Slice is an online magazine that runs out of Directions Youth Services’ Media Program in Vancouver, BC.

It documents the many creative endeavours

of its clients past and present.

The program was founded in 2005 and is based on an arts-engagement model that encourages creative expression through the arts.

In Memory of Wendy Wood and all the youth

whose talents we still cherish.

Another Slice Projects and Media Room Features

Words From The Street

These volumes are dedicated to all young people coping with survival on the streets and trying to make changes in their lives.
Your talents touch all who experience them.

Recording Studio

A fully functional recording studio with supportive training from an engineer.

Slice Night

Live performances by our talented youth at various venues. It is always great to be recognized for your talent. A lot of our wonderful artists don’t often get an opportunity to perform in front of a receptive audience. So, for a few years we have been performing at such venues like Cafe Deux Soleils, The…

Art & Photography

A VERY small sample of of all the amazing images the youth have produced over the years.

Music Instruction

For over 15 years, youth have had access to full-time music instruction.

Another Slice and the Media Room's History

It has been a busy 15 years

From the Blog

Youth written word, images, music, rants and ideas from over the years.


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(604) 633 1472