Death In A Dumpster: The Musical

This production was performed November 2015 at the Waterfront Theatre.

It sold out all 3 performances.

It was a collaborative effort between some truly talented youth, Access to Music Foundation, Directions Youth Services and professional mentors.

We follow Danny on his journey from the Maritimes to find his long-lost mother.
Danny finds himself broke on the streets of Vancouver and meets a host of colourful characters, including Daisy, the schizophrenic with an abject hatred for the system, Jack, the irascible drunk and Josie, the transgender sex worker.

The show portrays a world that some will never know.

It was a potent, lively, funny, tragic and extremely entertaining theatrical release.


Two years in the making

The project originated through Directions Youth Services, which runs media and arts programs for street- involved youth.

It was based on a play by anti-poverty activist Sheila Baxter, and has been in development for two years — rewritten and set to music by the youth themselves.

Colin Ford, a musician and composer who works with Directions Youth Services, said he has seen how this project — and the other media projects his organization runs — have changed the lives of vulnerable youth.

“They start to build a little confidence, and through that confidence they’re able to make positive choices in their lives moving forward,” he said.

CBC Vancouver

Danny's Backstory - Special Thanks to Spirit Of The West

This video was played onstage at the beginning of the performance.


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Original Play by Sheila Baxter.